Friday, March 4, 2011

77. Pseudagrion pruinosum (Burmeister, 1839)

Number: 77
Family: Coenagrionidae
Genus: Pseudagrion
Species: Pseudagrion pruinosum
Common name(s): Grey Sprite
Thai name(s):แมลงปอเข็มบ่อขนเทา, แมลงปอเข็มแปลงฟ้าดำ
Habitat: Exposed ditches, ponds and lakes (uplands and lowlands)
Province(s) sighted: Nam Nao environs (Petchabun); Widespread (Chiang Mai); Khao Soi Dao NP, Khao Kitchakut NP (Chantaburi); Kanchanaburi environs (Kanchanaburi).
Sightings (by me): Common in localised areas
In flight (that I have seen): March-November

A medium-sized damselfly I have seen in Chiang Mai, Chantaburi, Kanchanaburi and as far east as Petchabun, is Pseudagrion pruinosum

The male
The male is instantly recognisable, with its orange face and heavily pruinosed thorax. If spotted, I tend to only see it in small numbers.

This is the most 'eastern' male I have seen, spotted recently in Petchabun. It was a solitary male that I spotted, so is obviously uncommon in the area.

A male enjoying the blazing sunshine at 'Huaykaew' waterfall, Doi Suthep.

Close up of a younger male and is more of a blueish colour.

The female
Like many species I have seen over the three years I have been looking on and off for odonata, the female Pseudagrion pruinosum has proved to be tough to find and I have only spotted the female once in Chiang Mai. Worse still, when I returned home I noticed that the shot was slightly blurred. Never mind, I'm sure I will be able to add a better one soon.

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