Monday, December 9, 2013

A Trip to New Sections of the River Chi

Location: Khon Kaen environs

Date: Saturday, 7 December 2013 
Areas visited: River Chi (new sections) and several small - large ponds

Now armed with a new mobile (thanks, Paul!) with gps and Google Maps, I was able to locate new sections of the River Chi that earlier I couldn't get to - I found tiny roads that helped me no end. It was extremely quiet but Prodasineura coerulescens seemed to be at every location, though in small numbers. I also saw a solitary female Lestes elatus and female Rhodothemis rufa. Other than that, it was tough going - extremely steep banking and difficult terrain. Finally, I searched a few new ponds/lakes. I was surprised to find decent numbers of Pseudagrion australasiae - I had only ever spotted a solitary male in Khon Kaen before. So, all in all, a quiet, but OK day .... which may be my last for a few weeks. The strobe on my Canon Macro Ring lite has stopped, so I will need to get that fixed before I set off on my travels again. Probably not so bad as everywhere is very quiet now anyway ... roll on next year!
My best photos of the day:

Seemingly more common than I first thought ...

Rarely seen 'blue' male - almost always green in KK.


This poor female was riddled with parasites ... so many that she seemed to lean to one side.

 Nest trip: Whenever my ring flash is fixed.