Thursday, May 10, 2018

201. Dysphaea dimidiata dimidiata Selys, 1853

Number: 201 
Family: Euphaeidae
Genus: Dysphaea
Species: Dysphaea dimidiata dimidiata
Common name(s): Black Velvetwing 
Synonym(s): Dysphaea limbata Selys, 1859; Dysphaea semilimbata Selys, 1859
Habitat: Large, exposed area of forested river with large boulders
Province(s) sighted: Nari River, Hala-Bala Wildlife Sanctuary,  sandy stream lowlands (Narathiwat) 
Sightings (by me): Small number of skittish males 
In flight (that I have seen): April    
Species easily confused with: Dysphaea dimidiata walli; Dysphaea vanida; Euphaea masoni 

Another species that I hoped to see as it seems common in the south was Dysphaea dimidiata dimidiata. I did manage to spot a small number of males, but each one was as difficult to approach as the next. I first saw two males battling it out with a Gomphidia abbotti abbotti on a fallen tree overhanging the River Narwi. They were so skittish that I ended up literally having to swim to the other side of the river and creep up on them... you can imagine how hard that was. Eventually, one settled down and I managed to fire off a few decent shots of it in blazing sunshine -- though  did have to swim around quite a lot to get all the shots I wanted. So, another one in the bag, though this attempt did mess up my camera for a day. 

I also managed to spot a couple more males along the same stretch of river and I saw a solitary male at a shallow and sandy stream on the lower reaches.

Sadly, I didn't get to spot the female, but I am happy enough to get the male!

The male
It is similar to other species in the genus but has 'more black' on the wings.

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