Sunday, July 5, 2015

173. Asiagomphus xanthenatus xanthenatus (Williamson, 1907)

Number: 173 
Family: Gomphidae 
Genus: Asiagomphus 
Species: Asiagomphus xanthenatus xanthenatus 
Common name(s):N/A 
Synonyms: N/A   
Habitat: Upland forested stream 
Province(s) sighted: Kaeng Krachan 
Sightings (by me): Rare 
In flight (that I have seen): April   
Species easily confused with: All Gomphids

Whilst visiting Kaeng Krachan, I managed to spot a number of species I had come across before. I must admit that I was somewhat disappointed and ended up concentrating on butterflies. No idea why, but I could have been a few weeks early for the rarer species. That said, as I was about to cross one of the streams that cross the road, a Gomphid landed momentarily. I managed only a record shot before it, too, shot off. I researched it when I returned home and I was confident it was Asiagomphus xanthenatus xanthenatus, confirmed later by Noppadon Makbun. So I did get a new species after all, but it was a poor shot ... until the next time we meet!


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