Saturday, July 30, 2011

140. Idionyx selysi (Fraser, 1926)

Number: 140
Family: Corduliidae
Genus:  Idionyx 
Species:  Idionyx selysi (probably)
Common name(s): 
Thai name(s): แมลงปอใหญ่เซลิส
Habitat: Exposed but heavily tree-lined uplands ponds
Province(s) sighted: Nam Nao environs (Petchabun).
Sightings (by me): Rare
In flight (that I have seen): July (though I assume much longer)

A week had gone by and I returned to the ponds around Nam Nao town. I arrived early to the place I finished at last time, which was 1 kms from the town centre. This time, however, the weather had taken a turn for the worse. Heavy rain the night before, strong winds, heavily overcast, dull and more rain on the way. Worse still, there wasn't a single dragonfly on the water. Last week, there were hundreds. I worked my way through the weeds/marsh and still couldn't find any. I moved on. 

I drove past the town and continued around 4 kms north. I saw a small, but natural pond, surrounded by lots and lots of reeds and bamboo... maybe some will be resting there! It was difficult to get down the steep banking and I slipped a million times. As soon as I got near the bamboo, I noticed a skittish dragonfly, flapping away on a tiny reed, deep under the cover of the bamboo. I set up my camera and, in the windiest conditions in the world, tried my luck, using flash. It was blurred! Worse still, the flash scared the dragonfly and it flew upwards, in a 'bouncy' flight, similar to that of T. pallidinervis. The wind caught it and carried it away. Aaaargh! Gone for good. This photo is the only one I have and it isn't very good. 

This species has now been identified by Noppadon Makbun. He said it is 'likely' to be Idionyx selysi. It has a process pointing upwards on S10, which you can clearly see (unless you are me and didn't see it)

Many thanks to Noppadon for the ID (even from this terrible photo).

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  1. It's definitly in genus Idionyx. There is a process pointing upward on dorsum of S10. It's likely male I. selysi. Do you have a side-view photo?