Sunday, July 22, 2018

209. Macromia cupricincta Fraser, 1924

Number: 209
Family: Macromiidae
Genus: Macromia
Species: Macromia cupricincta
Common name(s): N/A
Synonyms: N/A
Habitat: Forested stream
Sightings: Solitary male
In flight (that I have seen): July
Species easily confused with: Macromia moorei

During the death throes of the day's light, I was sitting in a bungalow with my wife, Beau, at Krathing Waterfall, when I suddenly heard a loud thud on the window followed by the distinctive 'clacking' sound of a dragonfly. I jumped into action and saw it on the floor outside trying the get upright again. I grabbed it quickly and knew it was Macromia straight away but not sure which species (there are at least ten in the genus and I have only seen one). I hastily put my gear together (everything was being charged for the following day) and started shooting it. Sadly, the lighting was terrible. So, I waited until the morning when there was more light, though it was still very dull with the pending rains. I managed to snap away and with decent shots I did a little research. I landed on Tom's awesome blog (as I usually do now -- thanks, Tom!) and it was quite easy to work out that it was Macromia cupricincta. The unique curve at the base of the wings near the anal loop as well as the protrusion on S10 make identification possible. Yay! Another species for my records.

The Male
It is similar to other species in the genus but has a few distinctive features.

 One is the curved wing near the anal loop...
 ... then there is that dull brownish face to go with its awesome emerald eyes...
... and, of course, that protrusion on S10...

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