Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Update Coming Soon...

Date: 22.05.2019
Location: Khon Kaen
Situation: Sitting in my underpants at home and contemplating everything

Just a quick message to anyone who still (amazingly) follows my work and has wondered where I have been. Sadly, I have been inundated with that annoying thing called work and trying to keep my head above water in terms of remaining in Thailand (VISA issues etc). Things have improved somewhat recently and everything is seemingly calming down. However, being stuck at home and waiting six weeks for immigration to arrive and inspect my home (they never arrived), it gave me time to reflect on my blog. And it is obvious. It is well and truly out of date (as one or two readers have commented).

So, as and when I can, I will be updating everything, in terms of family, genus, species etc., as well as reorganising my photos (I have many photos that are so much better than are currently posted for specific species).

Furthermore, should anyone have any ideas as to how I can improve my blog, I am open to ideas... simply send me an email and you will be credited if your idea is used.

I would also like to add that I have actually been out a couple of times this year and I may as well have left my camera gear at home. Baking hot for months, drying out and STILL bombarded by torrential rain on the two days I went out (it NEVER rained at any other time). I do have a surprise new addition to Phu Khieo (though not for my records) and I will fill you in on that later. I also have a trip to Khao Yai I went on last October that I am champing at the bit to add but haven't had the time. This includes a couple of very interesting species... I promise you!! I am also hopefully getting out there again on Saturday... my camera is getting rusty!

So, that's it for now.
Don't forget to forward any ideas that would make it easier for inexperienced dragonfly hunters to ID species!