Sunday, July 3, 2016

183. Gynacantha basiguttata Selys, 1882

Number: 183    
Family:  Aeschnidae 
Genus: Gynacantha     
Species: Gynacantha basiguttata
Common name(s):  Spoon-tailed Duskhawker   
Synonyms: N/A    
Habitat: Forested pond (temporary)  
Province(s) sighted: Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary (Chaiyaphum)  
Sightings (by me): Rare 
In flight (that I have seen): July   
Species easily confused with: Gynacantha saltatrix; Gynacantha bayadera

There are definitely several species of Gynacantha that reside in Phu Khieo WS, but they are incredibly difficult to locate. That's why I was really happy to spot three species in one day, one of which is a new species for my records in the shape of Gynacantha basiguttata. It is a large species that I spooked out of his hiding place which was deep inside tall reeds overhanging a temporary pool. Unfortunately, he flew fairly high up into a tree and didn't hang around for long. For now, this record shot will have do. Incidentally, the other two species I saw were G. subinterrupta (a first for me here) and G. saltatrix (another first for the place). According to the records, G. bayadera is also present and Noppadon Makbun believes G. phaeomeria to be there also. Seeing all five species there would be amazing. Hopefully one day, especially if I keep trawling the little swampy ponds all the time.

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