Sunday, November 17, 2013

A short trip to Khon Kaen ... part 2

Location: Khon Kaen environs
Date: Saturday, 16 November 2013
Areas visited: Heavily tree-lined pond / short canal section about 15 kms outside KK city.
Yesterday, I returned to the same location as the previous week, in order to improve photos of male/female Gynacantha saltatrix. I managed to locate specimens again and also enjoyed sighting a few more species for the season. The weather was lovely and overcast too. Though it was quiet, I managed to spot male and female Lestes concinnus for the first time in four years. I also saw Aciagrion borneense and Diplacodes nebulosa for the first time this season in Khon Kaen. Scratched, bitten, muddy and tired, it was a difficult day in terms of locating species, but I can't help but love that cloudy weather for photography.

My best photos of the day:

My first sighting of this species in four years. 

After lots of hard effort many cuts and scratches from horrible bushes, I managed to get full shots of male and female (this species rests really low down in the low leaves and grasses - probably why they are green). It's a shame that they are ALWAYS hiding amongst lots and lots of grass!

New sightings at this location for the year.

 The same female on the same stick from last week ... but a much improved photo of her!

Copula spotted sometimes, but really difficult to photograph ... they love dark, dingy places often dry, but muddy.
And a few of the regulars at this time of year ... they deserve a look in too!

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