Monday, April 25, 2011

115. Idionyx thailandica (Hämäläinen, 1985)

Number: 115
Family: Corduliidae
Genus: Idionyx
Species: Idionyx thailandica
Common name(s): N/A
Thai name(s): แมลงปอใหญ่ไทย
Habitat: Tree-lined forested streams
Province(s) sighted: Nang Rong waterfall (Nakhon Nayok province)
Sightings (by me): Rare
In flight (that I have seen): March (longer, I'm sure)

On the way back to Khon Kaen from Kanchanaburi, I made a quick visit to Nakhon Nayok. The first two waterfalls I arrived at were completely dry (then again I shouldn't choose March to hunt for dragonflies!). Finally, I arrived at Nang Rong Waterfall, which had a decent amount of water running through it. Within 2 minutes, I spotted a small teneral male, which I thought was Tetrathemis platyptera, which I have seen numerous times before. It was only when got closer that I noticed it was something different. It was a slow mover and I was even able to catch it with my fingers, in order to take photos, before I released him safely. I looked on the Internet and thought it was Idionyx thailandica, a new species for me. This was confirmed by Noppadon Makbun.

The male
The male has distinct black and yellow legs and swirling yellow on black thoracic markings. The caudal appendages are also large in size.

A helping hand...
This photo gives a good idea of size.

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