Monday, September 7, 2015

183. Macromia moorei Selys, 1874

Number: 183   
Family: Corduliidae   
Genus: Macromia   
Species: Macromia moorei 
Common name(s): N/A  
Synonyms: N/A   
Habitat: Exposed upland forest stream
Province(s) sighted: Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park, Phitsanoluk  
Sightings (by me): 3-4 specimens at this location
In flight (that I have seen): September  
 Species easily confused with: -
At last another species to add to my list. This time in the shape of Macromia moorei. I saw one patrolling the same area of a small, clear and exposed stream. I tried again and again to get a shot in flight, but they were all terrible. Finally, it rested and I managed to get shots of it and even catch it (luckily as I wouldn't have been able to ID it properly otherwise). It's a new genus for me and, thanks to Noppadon, I am now aware that it is also a provincial record! I know that there is a Macromia species that resides at Nam Nao. I have seen it numerous times but never got anywhere near it. I now have to catch it to find out. Watch this space.

Now in the hand ...

Note his rather bland face.

 The appendages ... (ventral, then dorsal)

... and the genitalia ...