Monday, April 7, 2014

A trip to Chantaburi

Location(s):  Khao Soi Dao waterfall and Khao Kitchacut NP, Chantaburi province  
Date: Tuesday - Thursday, 01-03 April, 2014 
  Areas visited: Waterfalls, forested ponds and stream areas

Back in December 2011, I visited two well-known places in Chantaburi. The first place, Khao Soi Dao waterfall, is lesser-known as it is a little more difficult to get to. However, it is worth the visit as it is very quiet on the tourist front and if you camp there for a night (I strongly suggest that you do), you can see all kinds of wildlife. Khao Kitchacut NP satisfies the needs of Bangkokians looking for a weekend retreat. However, it is still a wonderful place to visit. This time, I went just before the rainy season and was in search of one species: Protosticta khaosoidaoensis, which I found quickly on the first day. Both places are well-equipped for camping (though I would take your own) and they have nice little restaurants. I particularily liked the one at Khao Soi Dao. On both days, it was still fairly quiet on the odonata front. However, I did manage to spot 3 new record species for me and get a decent number of photos. 

Here are my best photos of the trip:

The first time I have managed decent shots of this species

Female of the 'blue' variety ... even though the abdomen is very reddish

My first 'blue' male. all northern specimens seem green.

 My first decent photo of the male ...very common, but are so hard to get near and photograph in darkness.

 The strangest-looking Urothemis signata I have seen ... completely red face and no dorsal markings.

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